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Reiske Energies specializes in identifying and implementing energy efficiency solutions for residencial and commercial properties.

Together with our customers, we design long-term strategies that will provide a more comfortable environment while significantly reducing your energy costs.

Our client base spans industries including Medical Facilities, Schools, Churches, Residences, Commercial and Industrial Buildings.

Reiske Company History

Saved over $100,000 in annual energy costs at a Waukesha, WI area Medical Facility. 

Saving a Local Health Club over $4,000 a month in energy costs!

Solar Electric and Solar Thermal systems installed in a Muskego residence cut overall energy costs by 60%.

Currently offering LED products that have very quick ROI's ! Some projects have had as quick 6 month ROI !!!

  • Scott Reiske, Owner
Reiske Energies LLC
S68W17930 East Dr.
Muskego, WI 53150

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